10 Tips from Teachers on Remote Education

Teacher on laptop working remotely

We know that this is a strange and challenging time for educators all over the world. We’re proud to partner with you as you tirelessly work to help each of your students succeed.

Our team is dedicated to giving you all the tools you need, including tips and instructions for how you and your students can use the Skill Struck platform at home.

And, while we’ll continue to help and support you in any way we can, we also recognize the importance of advice from other educators who are experiencing this along with you. We’ve compiled a list of 10 tips and best practices from teachers on how they’re teaching Computer Science right now.

  1. "Have your students share their screen with you so you can track and help them with their code."
    Elementary School Teacher, Tooele UT
  2. "Have your students send screenshots of what they are struggling with."
    Elementary School Teacher, Tooele UT
  3. "Make a suggestion to core teachers to assign students daily computer science time."
    K-5 Computer Teacher, Hurricane UT
  4. "Send a very easy, accessible document to parents and students with instructions on how to log in to all of their online platforms." (a template for this letter is accessible here)
    K-5 Computer Teacher, Hurricane UT
  5. "Have students work on group projects while doing a live video or chat session so you can be there to help them with questions."
    K-3 Teacher, South Jordan, UT
  6. "Run a live after school ‘fun time’ programming experience."
    6-7 Computer Programming Teacher, Orem UT
  7. “Make tutorial videos using the Windows Game Bar video capture feature of yourself doing the assignments. If a student is really stuck then I just send them those 1-4 minute videos."
    6-8 Computer Science Teacher, Layton, UT
  8. "Give your students a weekly amount of lessons they have to complete by the end of the week"
    High School Computer Science Teacher, Park City, UT
  9. "I have created a set time for them to log on with me either everyday or every other day for 30 minutes to have their Computer Science time just as if they were in the classroom, but in a virtual setting. I have created my own websites using Skill Struck to show them a glossary of their robotics hardware they took home with them so they have something to refer to when building.”
    High School Computer Science Teacher, Orem UT
  10. “We are putting together material to feed into the core teachers list of assignments for the week so we make sure that the students are putting in their Computer Science time!”
    6th Grade CS Teacher, Orem UT

We hope that these tips give you ideas for different ways that you can support and teach your students, but in the end, the person who knows and understands your students’ needs best is you. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication always, and especially in these uncertain times.

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