2022 Skill Struck End of Year Recap

2022 out of this world.

Happy Holidays from all of us here on the Skill Struck team.  

We spent time reflecting together on everything that has happened at Skill Struck during 2022. This year brought a lot of change, growth, and improvements to our products, our team, and our brand. We’ve also had a significant number of districts join us in our pursuit of making computer science more accessible for all!  

Looking back at the impact in computer science we’ve witnessed this year has got our team members using the “mind blown” emoji 🤯. 

Take a look at these stats below to see why.

This year Skill Struck had 931,594 total logins.

This number represents every time our students logged in and used the platform in 2022. Thanks to our district and school partners in computer science, we were able to make this happen. That means that students throughout the U.S., including rural and other underserved communities, logged in to Skill Struck 931,594 times to learn more about computer science and coding. That’s incredible! 

Skill Struck had 931,594 total logins

Students Spent 11,086,944 minutes learning how to code on Skill Struck. 

Wow. This number absolutely blows us away. Students throughout the U.S. spent over 11 million minutes engaged and learning how to code through text books, activities, challenges, assessments, puzzles, and more. 

Students spending this much time engaging in learning computational thinking, practicing problem-solving, developing a growth mindset along with many other valuable skills this year is awesome.

Students spent 11,086,944 minutes coding on skill struck

4,175 educators and students participated in Skill Struck's free code events.

Our free code events are made with the purpose to engage and connect educators and STEM professionals into the world of programming. Each Skill Struck event includes a trainer and access to a code platform in which audience members can learn how to engage in computer science. We appreciate every opportunity we have to teach, share and support teachers diving into CS. 

Hats off to educators who attended our code events and engaged in computer science outside of classroom hours! 

4,175 educators and students participated in our free code events.

And finally... Students wrote 2,850,189 lines of code.

Mind BLOWN. That’s a lot of code. Students used their code to create websites, create games, make calculators, and more. Their work is not only showcased in their progress reports, but also in their completed project files. We’re so excited to see students engage with coding! 

Students wrote 2,850,189 lines of code.

We want to thank our school and district partners in helping their students engage in computer science this year. Next year, we aim to partner with more districts throughout the U.S. and plan to create additional curriculum, games, and platforms that will further student engagement in CS.

To learn more about Skill Struck visit us at www.skillstruck.com.

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