5 Ways to Keep Students Engaged in At-Home Learning

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We know this is a stressful time for educators, as you are making the switch from in-class to online education. We want you to know that Skill Struck is here to support you and has plans in place to make your lives easier and make sure that you can continue to meet the needs of your students.

We’re committed to supporting you and your class during this time of uncertainty. Our customer success, support, and education teams are here for you. We have worked as a team to put together our top recommendations to provide your students with meaningful learning experiences and make their homes an extension of your classroom over the next few weeks.

Option 1: Keep Moving Forward

Students continue where they’re at with their Skill Struck Voyage! Educators can continue to monitor their progress, connect with them through the message portal, and control what curriculum they have access to. Some of our educators are recording themselves teaching the classroom activity or lecture time associated with their assigned Voyage coursework, and then inviting students to hop onto their accounts to continue learning.

Option 2: HTML Challenges

In the last couple of weeks, our learning team has added 60 challenges to the HTML language lessons. Have your students go through this material and practice their programming skills through fun learning challenges. Repetition is essential for learning and mastering new coding languages, just like learning French or Spanish. The more immersion a student has, the more fluent they will become.

Option 3: HTML Projects

Repetition and practice is the key to mastery, so located within the curriculum is a section titled “HTML Project Ideas” where students can work on detailed and creative projects to apply everything that they have learned in web development. These projects are not autograded, but would be submitted to the teacher for evaluation. Just like any other project or file, you can view all the work your students have done from your own portal.

Option 4: Python Workshop (Middle and High School)

Python is a valuable programming language for students to learn. It is easy to use, powerful, and versatile—making it a great choice for beginners and experts alike. Simply switch from Web Development to Python on the Skill Struck platform to get your students working on Python activities and exploring something new!

Option 5: Unplugged Coursework

We recognized that some students may have limited or no access to a device from home. The Skill Struck Voyage platform has various PowerPoints that you can print off or share electronically with your students. You can find them in the teacher portal lesson plans section.

Tips for Logging in from Home

  1. On your device, go to an internet browser (preferably Google Chrome) and enter in https://skillstruck.com/login
  2. Enter your Student/Educator username and password
  3. If you have any troubles logging in, please first try clicking on “Forgot Password?” listed below the login boxes.
  4. If you’re still not able to login, please email us at support@skillstruck.com
  5. You will be directed to your Student/Educator portal with full access to the platform, just as if you were accessing it in the classroom.

Our team isn’t going anywhere and is still available for full support of you and your students. If you or your students have any technical difficulties, don’t hesitate to email support@skillstruck.com.

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