97th Floor Sponsors Underserved High School to Receive Computer Science Education

Cyprus High School Logo and 97th Floor Logo

97th Floor is a nationwide digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO (search engine optimization), creative, automation, paid digital advertising, and more. They often provide young professionals with opportunities to grow their skills in a real-world work environment and prioritize results for their clients. 

Historically, 97th Floor has donated to non-profit organizations that are focused on building the community. As an advocate for career development in education, 97th Floor CEO Paxton Gray was interested in partnering with Skill Struck to purchase coding curriculum for a school within their community. 

After searching for a school where sponsoring computer science education could have the most impact on students, 97th Floor decided to sponsor Granite School District’s Cyprus High School–a minority majority school in the state of Utah.

“One of our company values at 97th Floor is creativity. We believe that diversity of thought and different backgrounds maximize creativity and drive innovation. As a minority majority school in Utah, we wanted to ensure that students at Cyprus High School were provided a solid computer science education, not only to teach them valuable transferable skills, but to also introduce them to the wide range of career paths that will allow them to use their personal experiences and creativity for future careers.” - Paxton Gray, CEO of 97th Floor 

Skill Struck’s coding curriculum and platform was implemented in Cyprus High School starting with the 2021-2022 school year. Before this sponsorship, students at Cyprus High School had limited access to computer science and coding education.

“97th Floor has sponsored Skill Struck for my class last year and this year.  I teach Exploring Computer Science and the students are at all levels of computer learning.  Skill Struck has let me have the students go at their own pace and allowed me to not have to make up multiple levels of work.  Instead I get to spend my time helping the students with where they are learning.  Also I can easily challenge my way of advanced learners and give them the opportunity to earn Python certification. Thus giving them a step ahead in the job world.  Both companies have been wonderful to work with and they listen to suggestions to improve their software and have provided an opportunity that my low income students may not have had otherwise.” - Valerie Havens, Teacher at Cyprus High School

Sponsor a School to Receive Computer Science Education 

Did you know that 65% of today’s students will work in STEM jobs that don’t currently exist? 

By adding computer science curriculum into K-12 schools, students of all backgrounds have an opportunity to learn one of the most important skill sets in the 21st Century. Computer science education not only prepares students for the tech workforce, but it also helps them learn valuable skills such as computational thinking and how to have a growth mindset. 

By sponsoring a school in your community, you have an opportunity to prepare students for careers that have impact.

Reach out to Skill Struck to learn more about sponsoring a school.

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