August Product Release Notes: Clever, Launch Pad 2.0, Assessments, and More!

Computer on a desk showcasing Skill Struck's new releases.

With our customers’ help, we were able to identify key product updates that will support better classroom management for teachers, easier access and more engaging curriculum for students, and provide a better way to track student progress. 

This summer, our development and product teams worked hard to get these releases ready for the 2021–2022 school year—and the time has arrived! We’re excited to share the following product updates with you: 

1) Clever Integration

Many of our school partners use Clever as a single sign on service. To support these schools, we built a Clever integration so that students can now access Skill Struck with an auto-login. 

We’ve also ensured that data will automatically sync every morning so we never miss a student registration and so your students don’t miss a beat.

2) Launch Pad 2.0 

Launch Pad, our elementary school student platform, has a new look. We built an easier to navigate interface and included additional curriculum. With accessibility in mind, we’ve also added text-to-speech and scrolling assistance to help younger students complete entire lessons.  

3) Class Management + Canvas Integration 

Teachers have spoken: they want to spend more time working one-on-one with students rather than managing tools and their classroom. That’s why we built a Canvas integration for schools that use Canvas as a class-management tool. Now students will be able to click on the links to the assignments you put in your Canvas account and it will automatically keep track in your grade book. 

We’ve also built a more sustainable way of organizing your students using Skill Struck so you can keep track of multi-year and multi-subject students. 

4) Cross-Curriculum

Ever wonder how to incorporate math or English into your computer science classes or vice versa? Well, we’ve built out the content for you so you can easily incorporate math, science and ELA into your computer science classes. 

5) Assessments 

We’ve built a way of measuring your students’ progress and understanding of the Skill Struck curriculum. You can enable assessments for any or all of your classes in the Educator Portal and use this feature to track students’ progress throughout the school year.

We’re so excited to share these updates with you and to continue to work together to improve our product and by extension, improve computer science education. We appreciate all you do as educators. Stay tuned for other product releases in upcoming months.

Ready to engage your teachers and students in computer science? Get a demo today to see how Skill Struck works. 

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