Bronx Thomas: Purchase with a Purpose

Bronx Thomas was born and raised in Provo, Utah. He is an entrepreneur who recently launched Equity Clothing, a clothing company that donates 20% of proceeds to charity and families in need. He is also a senior at Timpview High School.

About Bronx

As the oldest of four children, he wants to make sure he’s setting a good example to his younger siblings. Founding Equity Clothing is one way for him to do this, showing them the importance of helping those in need.

His favorite subjects in school are Government and AP Biology, but not just because of the  subject material. He shared that the primary reason he really enjoys these classes is because of his teachers. Both teachers exemplify the qualities that Bronx most values in educators. They are passionate, engaging, and most importantly, they share the love that they have for their subject through their teaching. 

Outside of school, he enjoys playing soccer. But, right now his focus is moving forward with his business. Once he graduates he plans to attend Utah Valley University, get his associates, and possibly follow that with a marketing degree, all while continuing to grow Equity Clothing. 

Purchase with a Purpose

Throughout his life, Bronx’s parents and grandparents taught him the importance of giving back by participating in programs like Sub for Santa. He grew up seeing the impact that service and charitable organizations can have on people’s lives. With these experiences in mind, Bronx started thinking about how he could make a difference for people in need. 

Then, he saw an image that sparked the idea for Equity Clothing.

Image illustrating the difference between equality and equity

Seeing this image helped him understand the difference between equality and equity. It inspired him to dedicate himself to helping lift up underrepresented groups.

That was the seed that grew into Equity Clothing. In August 2020, Bronx launched his company. The company sells clothes that call attention to the importance and meaning of equity. Right now they sell two different designs.

The first t-shirt he designed has the word equity written boldly across the front, with the definition of the word underneath: “the quality of being fair and impartial.” Bronx hopes that this shirt can help people learn what equity means. His second design features the word equity spelled out phonetically. The graphic is eye-catching and minimal, making the design fashionable while also encouraging people to learn about equity.  

Equity Clothing's currently available designs

But, the company is about more than bringing awareness to the importance of equity. Equity Clothing donates 20% of all proceeds to charity and to families in need. 

Bronx’s reason for emphasizing equity? “I want to build people up that aren’t as fortunate as me. That’s why I chose equity as my main focus.”

Since he’s started the company, word has spread to students, educators, and others who recognize the importance of equity. Equity Clothing’s first donation consisted of $300 to the Utah Refugees, and since then has made other contributions, including $350 to a family who lost their home in the Oregon wildfires and donating to Sub for Santa. 

Bronx is dedicated to the work he’s doing and looks forward to continuing. Like the teachers he admires, he is passionate about what he does—educating people on the importance of equity and giving back to those in need. 

If you’re interested in contributing to this meaningful work, you can order a t-shirt or hoodie from Equity Clothing. Go to @equity_clothing_ on Instagram and direct message to place your order. 

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