How Coding Helps Kids Learn How to Fail, Problem Solve, and be Creative

A group of elementary students and a teacher gather around a laptop to collaborate together on coding project

According to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the computer science (CS) field is projected to grow 13% from 2020 to 2030. That’s ~667,600 new jobs that are being created right now. 

Not only are a lot of jobs being created, but these jobs are on the higher end of the national average pay scale. The Median annual wage for a CS position is $97,430.  Compare that to the median pay of all occupations landing at $45,760 and it’s clear to see there is value in learning these skills. 

But CS is so much more than a great money maker. Kids who learn how to code learn how to fail in a positive way, how to problem-solve their way through errors, and how to express themselves creatively. 

Coding helps kids learn how to fail in a positive way 

Not all students who learn CS will end up pursuing a CS career. We know this. However, there is still so much value to be had by studying CS. One of our favorite things about coding at Skill Struck is the growth mindset it develops. People who have growth mindsets view failure positively. Or rather, they see failure as a launching pad to better knowledge, increased ability, and eventual success.  

Michael Jordan said “ I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed”  Coding is a place where mistakes are commonly made and students have to study out, discover the error, and fix it.  

Learning to code is a safe place to try and try again. We recently asked a 5th grader, who is using our Skill Struck platform in her afterschool program, if coding has ever made her laugh. She responded with a big smile on her face, “Ya! Because when you mess up in the game, it falls down, and sometimes you can make it spin, it’s kinda funny.” 

That is what a growth mindset looks like. She confidently told us that she messes up, and because of the way these coding platforms are designed she gets to chuckle at her mistake and learn how to fix it. She told us she likes art and if she is an artist in the future there is no doubt that this growth mindset she has developed will be a great asset in her creation process.


Coding helps kids develop problem-solving skills 

When learning how to code, it is common to find issues and errors in your code that prevent it from working the way you wanted it to. Even if you’ve been coding for years, this statement holds true. 

As a student in CS, you quickly learn how to problem-solve these bugs or errors–you have to! Some problem-solving skills that students develop as they are learning how to code include how to google answers, how to ask a friend for help, and how to take out the error you're experiencing until it starts to make sense. 

All these problem-solving skills can be translated into non-coding-related jobs and industries. That’s why coding can help students improve in other subjects. The skills they develop in the world of coding will easily aid them as they grow and become positive members of society. 

Coding sparks creativity and is a space for kids to express themselves

We’ve heard a lot of people speak of coding as if it’s boring and only for people who don’t appreciate the sunlight or human interaction. This is untrue. Coding is for everyone and sparks creativity and human expression. 

We live in an era where kids and adults spend a lot of time on their devices consuming content. Coding is the avenue in which people can create the content that we consume. Using code, kids have the potential to develop video games, websites, or any other form of gamification that others can consume.

With coding, kids have the ability to create worlds that come from their minds. So as a parent or educator, if you’re concerned about how much time kids spend consuming content, imagine a world where they are creating it instead. Coding is the pathway for them to express themselves in this way. 

If you’re still unsure about why learning how to code matters for your kids, know that learning CS will help your kiddos learn skills such as how to fail positively, how to problem-solve, and how to express themselves creatively. All of these characteristics will surely be a positive influence on a young person’s life and continue to serve them into adulthood and beyond.

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