Learning Studio: AI-Powered Tools for Teachers

Two students in a classroom working on an assignment with their teacher looking over their shoulder helping them.

Have you heard? New AI-powered tools are giving teachers time back in their busy schedules. These AI tools aren’t taking teachers’ jobs. In fact, they are helping teachers be more efficient and allowing them more time to do what they do best–teach. 

Skill Struck’s Learning Studio includes AI-powered tools that help teachers harness the power of AI to do their busy work. Read below to learn more about these tools! 

Learning Studio: Overview

Learning Studio currently has six and counting AI-powered tools to help teachers create specialized tutors, assignments, lesson plans, quizzes, and differentiate learning levels for students. 

Skill Struck is currently working with administrators and teachers from different districts around the U.S. to create more useful AI-powered teacher tools. We will update this blog as we release these new tools! 

The Tutor Creator

Teachers can create Specialized Tutors–for any subject–to help engage students in their learning. Students can safely interact with these Specialized Tutor chatbots and engage in a concept or topic that the teacher defines. These Specialized tutors will keep students focused on the subject at hand. 

Watch this overview of why we created Specialized Tutors and how they work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvi7kU5vsQY

Educators create the Specialized Tutors by inputting specific content and standards they want to include. A favorite feature of our Tutor Creator is the option to assign your Specialized Tutor a persona where they respond and teach in the voice of that famous person or character. We have loved using Tutor Steve Irwin for reptile exploration! 

Creating a Specialized Tutor saves time in the classroom because it already knows the information to share with students and has been set to communicate at their grade level. This efficiency ensures a more effective learning experience for students.

Lesson Plan Generator

If the creative juices aren’t flowing, teachers can use AI to get lesson plan ideas.  Skill Struck’s Lesson Plan Generator is free and available for all teachers. Simply input grade level, lesson duration, subject matter, and standards/concepts you want to cover and a lesson plan will be made to meet the prompt requirements. 

Teachers have appreciated the new ideas and have found this tool in particular to save them time. 

“I am used to having to make my own curriculum and it has made it a lot easier.  It doesn't always give me what I need, but it gets me most of the way there and gives me ideas I might not have had without the tools. It made developing the tedious items in my lesson a lot less tedious.”

-David Kocinski Chat for Schools Beta User

Graphic Design Teacher at Clark County School District

Quiz Generation

Use an AI tool to help create quiz questions and prompts. With Learning Studio’s Quiz Generator, teachers can input the grade level, question amount, and format, then provide standards/concepts they would like to test their student’s knowledge on. From there a quiz will be generated that the teacher can adjust and edit to get exactly how they like it. Once the quiz is just right, they can export the quiz to put in front of their students. 

“These were amazing tools that helped planning and creating material for my students. This tool saved time, allowed for creating better assessments, and provided great material to assist in student learning.”

-Ryan Renkiewicz Chat for schools Beta User

Health Science Teacher at Weber School District

Writing Assignment

With Learning Studio’s Writing Assignment tool, teachers can input information to prompt AI to create a writing assignment and a grading rubric. Teachers Input:

  • Standards, learning objectives, or text
  • Grade Level
  • Special Instructions

From there an assignment will be generated. Edit and refine your prompt as often as you need and keep generating until you come up with an assignment that meets your classroom needs. This tool helps teachers to get new out-of-the-box ideas and will always have the chance to refine where needed.

Remix an Assignment

Educators understand that when students get to make choices in their learning, their engagement increases, and when students are engaged their grades are better.  Learning Studio’s Remix an Assignment tool helps teachers easily offer students opportunities to choose their assignments.

Teachers can input assignment details and then prompt our AI tool to take the assignment and come up with three new themes or three new mediums. The Theme Remix will provide three new prompts the medium in which they want the assignment to be presented will remain the same. Using the Medium Remix will keep the original prompt or theme of the assignment but will provide three new ways the assignment can be executed, for example: an essay, a PowerPoint a, song, artwork, etc. 

This support is a powerful time-saving tool for teachers. While they aim to give students a choice in assignments, their time is limited. AI enables this instantly for them.

Text Transformer

Differentiating learning for students in the classroom can often require a lot of effort, thought, and time. But with Learning Studio’s Text Transformer tool, AI can simplify and expedite the process. 

Educators can input information into the Text Transformer tool and then choose from five transforming options:

  • Check Spelling
  • Change the reading level
  • Condense text/summarize the text to be shorter
  • Increase the length of the text
  • Translate to a different language

“I love the translation feature that can make text accessible to MLE students.”

-Matt Davis Chat for Schools AI Beta User

STEAM Teacher and Teacher Librarian at Denver Public School District 1

Educators nationwide are embracing Learning Studio’s AI tools to streamline their demanding schedules. Learning Studio is expanding and we will continue to create resources to simplify educators' lives and provide them with extra time to engage with their students.

Learn more about how Learning Studio’s AI tools can support busy educators by scheduling a demo here.

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