NEW: Get Support in Computer Science Education with Community

Woman with black hair wearing a light blue sweater smiles as she looks at her computer. The image is accompanied with big bold black letters that reads "Introducing Community" below are 6 different symbols found within Community.

For many teachers and educators in computer science (CS), this is their first time teaching CS and coding. That’s because many states have only recently started requiring CS in the classroom. These teachers feel overwhelmed with being tasked to teach kiddos CS, especially given the lack of support and resources they have been given. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce our newest teacher platform: Community

The purpose of Community is to provide educators with resources that help them become confident computer science teachers, access Skill Struck support, and receive updates on Skill Struck releases.

“We wanted to give educators a place to go when they are feeling unsupported and lost in computer science,” Aimee Alsop, Director of Learning at Skill Struck said. “This first iteration of Community that we’ve built has a lot of helpful resources not only for teachers who are just starting in CS but for teachers with any level of experience. Future iterations of Community will include interactions and a space for teachers to collaborate with one another so they really feel like there is a community around them. This will be coming in the next year.” 

This new platform will not only help teachers engage in computer science teaching best practices but will also help them get the support they need to be successful. Get more information about Community here.

Implementing Community in your Classroom 

Teachers who are current Skill Struck users will be able to access Community in The Educator Portal. 

Teachers of any grade level can use community.

If you’d like to learn more about utilizing Community in your classrooms, reach out to Skill Struck here.

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