Onboarding Skill Struck Into Your Classrooms

Because educators already have a lot on their plate, we believe in a simple process to onboard and adopt Skill Struck into your classrooms. Here is a step-by-step overview of the onboarding process administrators and teachers experiences when partnering with Skill Struck. 

01 Purchasing Skill Struck 

  1. Learn about Skill Struck. 

After requesting to learn more about Skill Struck, an Area Partnership Manager (APM) will schedule a meeting to learn more about your district's needs and goals in computer science (CS), and then show you how Skill Struck can help reach those goals. For example, if you would like to integrate CS into your Math, Science and/or ELA classes, you can learn how Skill Struck has cross-curricular content integrated into their products that aligns to CSTA and state-specific standards.

  1. Select platforms.

Skill Struck offers several products. These include Launch Pad (K-5), Voyage (6-12), and Educator Portal. Each of these platforms serve different purposes. After learning how these platforms work and how they help you reach your CS goals, you can select which platforms your district or school would like to purchase. 

  1. Sign Contract.

Now that you’ve determined how Skill Struck can serve you, you sign a contract and purchase. Reach out to Skill Struck to see if they are an approved vendor at your school district.

02 Onboarding Skill Struck 

  1. Success meeting: goals and data metrics defined. 

You will meet your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). This CSM will work with you and your teachers in your time as a Skill Struck partner. During this meeting, you will determine when your teachers will receive training on using the platforms in their classrooms. 

You will also share your CS goals with your CSM. Together, you will determine which metrics are most important in tracking your progress after adopting Skill Struck. Example: times logged into the platform, quiz questions completed, best performing classrooms, etc.

  1. Configuration: accounts created. 

Your CSM will create accounts for you, other district administrators who need access, and the teachers that will be using Skill Struck in their classrooms. If you use integrations such as Clever, Classlink, or more, your CSM will assist you with that integration.

  1. Training: teachers trained. 

The teachers that will be using Skill Struck will receive training on how to use the platforms, how to access additional information about the platform when needed, and how to access support. 

03 Adopting Skill Struck  

  1. 1-month check-in.

After a month of using Skill Struck in your classrooms, your CSM will reach out to your teachers to see how things are going and offer additional support if needed. 

  1. 3-month check-in. 

After three months of using Skill Struck in your classrooms, your CSM will reach out to your teachers and see how things are going and offer additional support if needed. 

  1. Spring/Fall yearly check-in.

Your CSM will share data and insight into how your CS adoption is going with Skill Struck. At this time, you can make sure goals are aligned, and adjust goals if needed. 

As your school district is adopting Skill Struck, you can view real-time data on how your schools and classrooms are adopting the platform with the admin data dashboard. Teachers and administrators can also reach out their dedicated CSM and Skill Struck's support team as they use the platform, help educators focus their time on their students.

An example image of the admin data dashboard.

If you’d like to learn more about how Skill Struck can help you implement and adopt a computer science platform that aligns with your district's goals, request a demo here.

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