Q3 Product Updates: Admin Data Dashboard, New Puzzles, and More!

At Skill Struck we’ve spent a lot of time listening and implementing feedback from administrators and teachers who use our product in the classroom. 

At the beginning of each quarter we create a list, or a “product roadmap,'' of product and curriculum updates we will be building during that quarter. We prioritize updates our partners have expressed interest in seeing. Our continual goal is to help them create the most engaging and rigorous computer science experience for their classrooms. That means we’re still building our product! And we’re customizing it to meet the needs of our current partners. 

In this blog, we’re highlighting some of the biggest product updates we completed during Q3 this year, 2022. 

Curriculum Update

CTE Course State-Alignment (Rigor in CTE) 

All of Skill Struck’s curriculum is 100% aligned to the CSTA computer science standards. In addition to this national CSTA standard alignment, our curriculum team has been working on state-specific CS alignment to help increase rigor in the classroom. You can get a view of what states we’ve aligned with here (see the standard alignment tab). 

State-standard alignment is an ongoing process. Here’s a list of our current state standard alignments:

AlabamaAlabama Course of Study Digital Literacy and CS Standards + Skill Struck Alignment

ArizonaArizona Computer Science Standards + Skill Struck Alignment

CaliforniaCalifornia K-12 CS Standards + Skill Struck Alignment

FloridaFlorida Introduction to Computer Science 1 + Skill Struck Alignment

Florida Introduction to Computer Science 2 + Skill Struck Alignment

GeorgiaGeorgia Standards of Excellence for K-8 Computer Science + Skill Struck Alignment

IllinoisIllinois Computer Science Standards + Skill Struck Alignment

IndianaIndiana K-12 Computer Science Standards + Skill Struck Alignment

IowaIowa Computer Science Standards + Skill Struck Alignment

MarylandMaryland K-12 CS Standards + Skill Struck Alignment

MassachusettsMassachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Science Standards + Skill Struck Alignment

MississippiMississippi College and Career Readiness standards for Computer Science + Skill Struck Alignment.pdf

NevadaNevada Computer Science Standards + Skill Struck Alignment

Nevada Academic Content Standards for Integrated Technology + Skill Struck Alignment

Nevada Academic Content Standards for CS + Skill Struck Alignment

New YorkNew York Computer Science and Digital Fluency Learning Standards K-12 + Skill Struck Alignment

North Carolina:North Carolina K-12 CS Standards + Skill Struck Alignment

Rhode IslandRhode Island's K-12 CS Education Standards + Skill Struck Alignment

TexasTEKs Technology Applications K-8 Standards + Skill Struck Alignment

TEKs Skills for CTE + Skill Struck Alignment

UtahUtah 6-12 CS Standards + Skill Struck Alignment

Utah K-5 CS Standards + Skill Struck Alignment

VirginiaVirginia K-12 CS Standards + Skill Struck Alignment

WashingtonWashington K-12 CS State Learning Standards + Skill Struck Alignment

WyomingWyoming Computer Science Content Standards + Skill Struck Alignment

If your state isn’t shown above, reach out to us here

HTML 2 Course

HTML–or Hypertext Markup Language-is a front-end coding language that is used to structure a web page and its content. Examples of HTML include things like headers, paragraphs, lists, bullets, images, data tables, etc.

HTML is one of the most important languages to know in front-end code. During Q3, our curriculum team polished and completed HTML 2–our more advanced-level HTML course for grades 6-12.

Skill Struck now has a fully-built out HTML 2 course for grades 6-12.

Cross-Curricular Content for K-2 on Flight Training

Cross-Curricular content has helped many of our district partners add computer science to their elementary classrooms. We offer computer science cross-curricular content in Math, English, and Science. During Q3 this year, our curriculum team added more cross-curricular Math and Science content for grades K-2 in our Flight Training platform

Skill Struck's Flight Training now has cross-curricular content.

Product Updates 

Admin Data Dashboard

In the past, each Skill Struck district partner would receive a personalized email and data report from their dedicated Customer Success Manager. Now, in addition to these reports, district administrators have access to their district data at any time through our new Admin Data Dashboard. 

Administrators can how see how their CS adoption is going in real-time.

On this dashboard, school administrators can view things like how many schools are using Skill Struck, how many of their teachers have accounts, how many students have access, and how many lessons their students have completed.
Other data points include:

  • Checkpoints completed by students overall 
  • Challenges completed by students overall 
  • Puzzles completed by students overall 
  • Quiz questions answered by students overall 
  • And more!
Administrators can drill down on school, teacher, and curriculum data.

District administrators can also break down the data view by school, teachers, and curriculum. If you’d like to see the full admin data dashboard, request to get a demo here.

Puzzle Redesign

In our K-5 computer science curriculum we incorporate puzzles to help students learn the basics of JavaScript algorithms. These puzzles can be done via block or text-based coding. 

In Q3, we updated our puzzles to include more themes that are more friendly and inclusive.

Skill Struck JavaScript puzzles now have different themes.
Students can use text-based code to complete their puzzles.
Students can use block-coding to complete their puzzles.

Now students can easily swap between block and text code blocks. To get a full demo of these puzzles, request a demo with a Skill Struck representative here

Stay tuned for our Q4 curriculum and product updates!

To learn more about Skill Struck, visit us at www.skillstruck.com.

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