Skill Struck Partners with Code to Success

Skill Struck and Code to Success Partnership

Skill Struck is proud to announce our partnership with the Success in Education Foundation and their Code to Success program for summer 2020. In an effort to increase accessibility for all students, the Skill Struck Voyage platform will be utilized by participants using a Chromebook or similar device.

We are excited to join forces with Code to Success as they share our passion for computer science education and its promotion. Incorporating our web-based platform allows Code to Success to invite school partners and students using Chromebooks or devices with lower specifications to be able to participate, an option not available in past years.

Amid the adaptations due to COVID-19, students can fully access the web development course content from home and connect with Code to Success mentors for guidance and support virtually through the Voyage platform.

The current pandemic has highlighted the digital inequalities across the country that many schools are facing. It has been wonderful to see increased donations from industry partners and philanthropists to make more devices available to areas without current access. Additionally, it is essential to make sure quality programs and tools are readily available to be used on these devices.

During the at-home learning phase of the school year, four of Skill Struck’s rural school partners logged over 40,000 minutes of computer science engagement from March until the end of the school year, despite the unprecedented circumstances.

As these conditions continue for students into the summer months, we are excited to join Code to Success to help maintain a strong learning environment from home and help students still have a great educational experience. Through collaborative efforts with Code to Success, we are bringing equitable and accessible computer science opportunities to every school district in Utah as well as Idaho. We are looking forward to seeing the progress and achievements of Code to Success students this summer through this partnership!

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