Skill Struck Teacher Shout-Outs: Celebrating our Teacher Partners

A black male teacher wearing a light blue dress shirt and navy blue tie is sitting at a table in a classroom. He is smiling at 2 adults across the table and has a manilla folder in one hand and a pencil in the other.

We have the great privilege of working in close partnership with educators from all across the world. These amazing educators never cease to impress and inspire us with their determination, passion, and unwavering commitment to providing the best possible education for their students. We know many rock-star teachers and are honored we get to be a part of their Computer Science journey.

We have a tradition here at Skill Struck of gathering together on Monday mornings for a company-wide Zoom meeting that always ends with shout-outs. Shout-outs, if you are not familiar, are a chance for us to lift, encourage, thank, and praise our co-workers. And since it is Teacher Appreciation Week we want to celebrate our Teacher Partners in true Skill Struck fashion. This week can not pass by without shouting-out the amazing and brave educators we get to partner with. 

To do so, we reached out to our Customer Success Managers (or CSMs) who work closely with the teachers using our platforms. Each Skill Struck Partnership is assigned their very own CSM team member. Our CSMs train, support, encourage, and problem-solve alongside our partners from the very beginning and beyond. They get to see up close how hard teachers work and how incredible they are at their jobs. Our CSMs are excited to shout-out just a few of the incredible teachers they get to interact with. 

Terry Snow, Technology Teacher

Rogers Ranch School, Arizona

“Terry is a passionate advocate for computer science and STEM education. She carefully plans out the learning pathways that her students experience at each grade level and provides thoughtfully-constructed lesson materials, that overall contribute to a high-quality learning experience for her students. 

Terry exhibits a growth mindset and isn’t afraid to try new ways of doing things each school year. She supports and encourages other teachers at Rogers Ranch to get involved with computer science education, and has organized school-wide events to help students gain awareness of career opportunities that are available in the field of STEM. We are thrilled to work alongside Terry and see the awesome work she is doing!”

- Kim Chapman, Skill Struck Customer Success Manager

Jody Allred, Director of Choral Music

Gunnison Valley Middle School, Utah

”Jody is an experienced music teacher who began teaching a creative coding class this school year using Skill Struck. His passion for learning and trying new things is evident, and his creative nature of working around problems always impresses us! Jody’s enthusiasm is second-to-none, and he encourages a philosophy of problem-solving in his classroom. 

Jody regularly gives us his honest feedback and continues to help us improve the Skill Struck platform, not only for his own students but for all our users, which we truly appreciate. Jody and the team at South Sanpete School District are wonderful to work with!”

- Kim Chapman, Skill Struck Customer Success Manager

Brooke George, Media Director

Aspen Elementary, Wyoming

“Brooke is passionate about teaching computer science and is dedicated to providing meaningful learning experiences for her students. She is keen to try new things and pays a high level of attention to any learning resources she uses, to ensure they align with computer science standards and challenge her students. 

Brooke ensures that the learning pathways she creates for her students are robust and that her students gain a deep level of understanding of CS concepts and skills. We appreciate that Brooke is always willing to take time from her busy schedule to share detailed feedback and ideas with us, this helps us improve the Skill Struck platform. It’s clear to see that Brooke and the team at Uinta County School District work closely together to provide a rigorous and engaging computer science education to all their students. It’s a pleasure to work alongside them!”

- Kim Chapman, Skill Struck Customer Success Manager

Tasha Robichaux, STEAM/ Quest/ Intro. to Programming

Port Allen Middle School, Louisiana

We are highlighting Tasha Robichaux due to her unwavering dedication and excitement in teaching computer science. Going the extra mile, Tasha learns coding skills independently and brings them back to her classroom at Port Allen Middle School. Her enthusiasm has led to high classroom usage, as her 47 students have completed over 700 lessons in computer science using Skill Struck since its implementation earlier this year.

 Tasha's adaptability and innovative teaching methods, such as incorporating client-based projects, make her a pleasure to collaborate with. The impact she has on her students is evident, and her commitment to helping them succeed in the ever-evolving world of technology is truly inspiring.”

- Isaac Garrison, Skill Struck Customer Success Manager

Ross Irwin, Computer Science, and Video Broadcasting Teacher

West Junior High School, Idaho

“When you meet Ross Irwin, it's clear that he has a passion for teaching that goes beyond the classroom. He has a growth mindset that is truly infectious, and he inspires his students to expand their thinking.

One of the things that makes Ross so special is his ability to connect with his students. He knows how to get them excited about coding and is always coming up with new and creative ways to make learning fun. Ross views himself as a bridge between his students and the world of coding. He takes great pride in helping his students bridge the gap between where they are and where they need to be. Ross’ growth mindset, innovative teaching strategies, and dedication to his students are truly remarkable. We are lucky to have educators like Ross who inspire us here at Skill Struck.”

-Margie Stahl, Skill Struck Customer Success Manager

Chris Lorenz, Computer Science, and Video Broadcasting Teacher

Valley View High School, California

“Chris, a true leader in the classroom is simply phenomenal. He guides his students with empathy and a genuine love for learning, always inspiring them to reach for their full potential. With his impressive range of expertise, he teaches a variety of subjects, including Cyber Security, Intro to Computer Science, Operating Systems, and TV/Video Production. His passion for computer science is infectious, and it's no wonder that his students are always eager to learn more.

Chris understands that learning doesn't just happen in the classroom, so he takes his students on field trips throughout the state. These hands-on experiences not only provide valuable learning opportunities but also create memories that students will cherish for years to come. Chris truly believes in the importance of a well-rounded education, and he works tirelessly to provide his students with opportunities to explore and grow beyond the classroom.

Chris's impact on his students goes far beyond just academics. He is a caring and supportive mentor who always has a listening ear and valuable advice to offer. His positive attitude and infectious enthusiasm for life create a classroom environment that is both nurturing and challenging. It's clear that Chris is not just a teacher, but a true inspiration to all who know him.”

-Margie Stahl, Skill Struck Customer Success Manager

We want to express our gratitude to all the passionate teachers who make our mission here at Skill Struck come to life: Grow Problem Solvers, Inspire Creators, and Strengthen Communities. We could not do any of it without you and we are honored to be your partners.

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