Skill Struck’s Profile of Computer Science Teachers

Illustration of a female teacher with bright blue skin, curly black hair wearing a pink shirt. At the bottom of the image are the words: Skill Struck's Profile of CS Teachers. Surrounding her are the words: Teachable, communicators, Brave, Passionate, Leaders and Problem Solvers

Skill Struck’s Profile of Computer Science (CS) Teachers defines the skills and attributes our teacher users have and continue to develop as they use our platforms to teach CS in their classrooms. 

There are various ways for schools and districts to adopt CS in their classrooms. We’ve had after-school coaches, paraprofessionals, homeroom educators, and other types of teachers take it on. All of these teachers range from being brand new to CS, to have had previous experience. No matter where teachers are in their CS journey, these are the attributes that we have found in a profile of a CS teacher. Skill Struck teacher users are: 

  • Communicators: Our teacher users provide feedback on the curriculum and platforms that Skill Struck provides. This communication helps the Skill Struck team build a more accessible and equitable product for our students.
  • Brave: Our teacher users have either had no previous CS experience, or this could be their first time teaching CS in the classroom. In either case, our teachers are willing to take on the challenge of teaching a new curriculum that will help prepare students for jobs applicable today.   
  • Passionate: Our teacher users are passionate about preparing their students to thrive in this digital age.  They understand the positive impact learning to code can have on all their students, not just the ones who go on to pursue CS after high school. 
  • Teachable: Our teacher users are willing to learn new tools and skills that will help them in the classroom. Their growth mindset helps them teach every new CS concept with confidence. 
  • Leaders: Our teacher users are able to help guide their students through their CS journey. They do this by using the lesson plans that are built into the platform, and by helping each of their students learn how to use the platform confidently. 
  • Problem-solvers: Our teacher users are able to approach an issue that a student might face as they are learning to code and find a solution. They do this by learning how to debug code, and by leaning on Skill Struck’s support team as needed. 

Skill Struck’s CS teacher users are doing amazing work teaching their students the skills needed to thrive in this technological age. We believe coding is for everyone, and have built a Free for Classroom platform that includes ready-to-use lesson plans for teachers, and engaging activities and challenges for students k-12. Anyone can use this platform, regardless of their previous coding experience. Create your Free For Classroom account here.

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