Using AI to Lighten the Lift for Teachers in the Classroom

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We spend a lot of time observing computer science (CS) classrooms and talking with educators so we understand that teaching CS comes with a specific set of frustrations. 

For example, debugging code can be time-consuming, students tend to be at different levels and abilities, and like all educators there simply is not enough time to do it all. 

To lighten the lift of teachers and support student learning, we have added a new feature onto our platforms called “Custom Hints” This game-changing feature allows a student to receive customized feedback on their code before consulting their teacher. 

Here are a a few benefits of Skill Struck’s new Custom Hints: 

✅ Helps with debugging code

✅ Helps classrooms with a wide-range of coding experience

✅ Saves teachers time

Using AI to Build Custom Hints for Students

Parents, educators, and students can all agree on this: not every student learns the same and could benefit from more customized learning experiences. This includes customized hints that meet each individual student where they are at. 

This type of customization is only capable through AI. This is one example of how AI can make teacher life easier while also improving the learning experience for students. 

This introduces two questions that we feel are important to consider and reference when introducing a new tool to students. 

  1. How do we equip students with tools that enhance the quality of learning, development, and critical thinking? 
  2. How do we know if there is excessive dependence on a tool?  

We examined these crucial questions deeply when building our new Custom Hints feature. To help navigate these tough questions, students will only be allowed to receive three custom hints per checkpoint or challenge, and they progressively become more detailed–helping students work through their challenges on their own. 

As we integrate these Custom Hints into the classroom, we will be modifying them based on feedback from our teachers. It’s important for us all to consider how we are integrating AI into the classroom, and make modifications as we find what is hindering and what is helping our students’ learning experiences.  

Learn more how Skill Struck has integrated AI into their platforms by requesting a demo today.

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