Your Free Computer Science Starter Kit

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Learning computer science (CS) is a powerful and important skill for students to develop in order to excel in this digital age. But for educators new to CS, it can take time to know where to begin. Many teachers wonder how to get started, or where to find credible resources to help them introduce CS into their classroom. 

With all this in mind, Skill Struck has created a comprehensive free resource to help guide and motivate classrooms new to CS to jump-start their learning.

The SKill Struck Computer Science Starter Kit has put many of our free k-12 resources into one place to save educators time and effort when it comes to adding CS to their classroom curriculum. It was created to support educators wanting to become confident in CS while helping students become positive CS leaders.

These free resource offerings include:

Coding Resources for Your Classroom like: 

An HTML Cheat Sheet: a wonderful resource for students learning HTML and coding their very own websites. This cheat sheet has the proper syntax used for headers, fonts, images, background colors and more written out for teachers and students to reference easily. HTML integrates with many different subjects and is a fantastic way to create cross-curricular activities for your students. 

CS Ed Week coding activities: Sign up for our Free For Classroom platform and you’ll have access to 5 free class activities on our Skill Struck platform. We have activities suited for K-5 and 6-12.

Holiday-themed code event resources: Throwing CS holiday activities into your lesson schedule is a great way to make sure that your students get several opportunities to learn CS during the school year. 

A collection of articles discussing How to Implement CS in Your Classroom, a sample of which include:

  • How to Set Up Your CS Classroom For Success 
  • 6 Ways to Engage Young Learners in Computer Science
  • 10 reasons Why Schools Should Teach Coding

Instructions on using Skill Struck’s Free For Classroom Account

Skill Struck’s Free for Classroom accounts allows teachers and students to get a feel for how Skill Struck works, and includes some fun and free coding lessons, activities, and challenges that are all auto-graded, making it so teachers can teach computer science (CS) whether they are new to CS or an expert. 

To make your free account, fill out the form at

Tips on Improving Equity and Accessibility in Computer Science with articles like: 

  • How to Use Computer Science to Reinforce T.I.P.S 
  • How to Make CTE Clusters More Equitable

A Discussion on AI in Education and the way districts are beginning to embrace this new frontier

AI is the new frontier in education! We believe embracing this technology in a safe, secure, and informed  way can help better prepare students for their futures. In this section you can view the AI in K-12 Education Panel hosted by Skill Struck CEO, Parker Gentry. In it, he led administrators from across the nation through a candid discussion on helping districts through this new technology transition.

Skill Struck’s Computer Science Starter Kit is a great reference resource for everyone - whether new to teaching CS, or simply looking for ideas and inspiration to take your current CS initiatives further in the classroom. Click here to download your copy and share. 

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