Relevant and rigorous curriculum.

Aligned with national computer science standards, Skill Struck supplies instruction for in-demand coding languages with robust challenges and projects.

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Curriculum that is continually updated to remain relevant and marketable.

Skill Struck is meeting the forefront of industry needs with its rigorous curriculum in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Python.

Students practice concepts and apply them in projects and challenges that solidify learning. Using the theories behind the Universal Design for Learning guidelines, the creative activities leave all students excited to come back again and again as they feel themselves improve.

With Skill Struck's engaging platforms, students and teachers learn that coding is fun and for everyone!

Teaching multiple marketable languages


HTML is the standard language for web development. Think of it as the building blocks used to create the documents that make up a website.


CSS works in conjunction with HTML to improve content accessibility and design. It allows customization of attributes like colors and fonts.


JavaScript is a powerful and flexible web development language that allows you to display dynamic content on a website.


Python is easy for any student to learn and master. It encourages abstract and algorithmic thinking skills and leaves students feeling accomplished and empowered.

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Launch Pad

A coding education platform for kids K–5. Some features include engaging games, syntax + block coding, and web-based learning.

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A coding education platform for grades 6–12. Some features include curriculum for 4 programming languages and self-paced learning.

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Educator Portal

A coding education portal for educators. Some features include pre-made lessons, student data, and class management tools.

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