Personalized support as you start your computer science journey.

We believe in empowering teachers. We’re here to be your guide and support you in the amazing work you do as educators. 


Ensuring our educators have the support they need.

At the beginning of your school or district’s journey with Skill Struck, we work directly with educators to ensure that teachers feel confident about using the platforms and educator portal.
But our support doesn’t stop there! We’ll continue to work with you and provide relevant information and tips about Skill Struck platforms so that you can get the most out of your experience.

An ongoing partnership

Starting on your first day as a Skill Struck partner our success managers will work with you through the following steps.

Identify your educators

Identify which schools and educators within your organization will be starting their computer science education journey.


Set goals

When we say we’re a team, we mean it. You have computer science goals for your organization and we want to help you meet them. We’ll work together to establish what success means for you and how we can help you achieve that.

Train your educators

A Skill Struck success manager will walk educators through exactly how to use the Educator Portal and any other platform you’re using (e.g., Launch Pad or Voyage).


Prepare students

We will ensure that using Skill Struck is a smooth process for your students by providing resources that teach them how to log on and maneuver the platform. 

Meet goals

Whether you need extra help familiarizing educators with computer science concepts or training new team members on Skill Struck platforms, we’re here for you. We always take feedback from educators and students seriously to make sure we’re providing you with the best experience possible. 


Explore our platforms

Launch Pad

A coding education platform for kids K–5. Some features include engaging games, syntax + block coding, and web-based learning.

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A coding education platform for grades 6–12. Some features include curriculum for 4 programming languages and self-paced learning.

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Educator Portal

A coding education portal for educators. Some features include pre-made lessons, student data, and class management tools.

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