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Skill Struck has been implemented in 100+ classrooms and has influenced thousands of students’ and educators' lives. 

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Refer an educator if you would like to be a part of helping young students prepare for a career in computer science, and help them develop skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and losing fear of failure.

We’re looking for educators who are forward thinking and looking for ways to help students and teachers develop technical skills. 

After you’ve filled out the form, the educator’s area partnerships manager will reach out to them about what a partnership could look like.

You can refer more than one educator! 
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What is Skill Struck?

Here's what our partners say

Photo of Scott Couch.

"Having a mapped out, structured way to learn and experience the computer science curriculum really freed up time for me to give students one-on-one attention."

Scott Couch
CS Teacher at Maeser Prep Academy

“My first day training with Skill Struck’s teacher-instructor was amazing. I learned so much! I had a lot of questions regarding computer science implementation; they answered all my questions and more. Skill Struck is reliable when working with teachers!”

Shawn Caine
CS Lead, Garfield School District

"The students like the platform and they are progressing through the lessons. We have students picking up coding for the first time and they are enjoying it and following along easily. I really like that Skill Struck has a lot of extra activities and challenges for my more advanced students so I can spend more time with the students that need help."

Jahi Garner
Integrated Math Teacher, Palm Middle School

“The program and the people behind it are innovative, intelligent, and organized. The platform is very user-friendly and l have been able to guide my students easily through the curriculum.”

Dillon Gilpin
High School CS Teacher, Duchesne County School District

“I have really enjoyed being able to view a student’s code at one click of a button. So if students email me and let me know they are struggling, I can open their code and give them immediate and specific feedback.”

Coach Lambert
Middle School CS Teacher, Layton Academy

“I've seen a lot of benefits with using Skill Struck this last semester. Having a mapped out, structured way to learn and experience the computer science curriculum really freed up time for me to give students one-on-one attention.”

Scott Couch
CS Teacher, Maeser Prep Academy
Photo of Donna Woods.

"For the teachers it's great, they can go back and see how students are progressing and it has auto-grading built in, so that is really effective because going back to read and grade multiple lines of code can take an extensive amount of time. It is helpful for the students as well to be able to auto-grade their own code because we want them to be self-guided learners."

Donna Woods
CTE Cyber Pathway Instructor, Moreno Valley USD

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