Frequently Asked Questions

Does Skill Struck Voyage have group projects that students can work on together?

Yes! Skill Struck empowers teachers with the ability to easily create student groups and assign projects. Students will have the ability within these groups to work in the same folder structure, build individual files, and to contribute to the whole project.

Where can I find solutions to all the coding checkpoints found at the end of each lesson?

You can find the solutions in your Teacher Portal in the Lessons Plan sections in the document called “Answer Key”.

What if I need licenses that only last a semester and not a full year?

Skill Struck can offer semester long licenses for the prorated amount of $40 per license.

Students’ in my class have different skill levels with computer programming, how does Skill Struck help me with that challenge?

Skill Struck’s lesson plans are based on a track system that offers flexibility for when they are used. Teachers also have the ability to lock classes to monitor student progress and gauge how far students can go.

What does a license provide?

A Skill Struck license provides access for 1 student to Skill Struck’s web-based coding platform. On our platform they have access to our engaging curriculum, a full text editor, support, and the ability to create a student portfolio of projects. Additionally, students also have the ability to compete in fun challenges, and customize their very own digital avatar on the site.

Can I track my students’ progress?

Yes! In the Teacher and Administrator portals you have the ability to see a students progress in completing the checkpoints for each lesson. All progress is displayed in a table that shows if each lesson has been started, not started, or completed. Additionally the portal displays the number of quiz attempts and lesson time duration for each student.

What programming languages are taught?

Students using Skill Struck can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python.

How much does a Skill Struck license cost?

Skill Struck costs $80 per license per year.

What grades are supported by Skill Struck?

Skill Struck designed with K-12 alignment in curriculum, and full equipped lesson plans are available at each grade level.

Can Skill Struck be integrated with an LMS?

Not at the moment, but we are working on this feature!

How old are Skill Struck students?

Skill Struck is meant for kids ages 6 to 17.

Does Skill Struck support Clever Instant Login?

We do not currently support Clever Instant logins.

Does Skill Struck Voyage work on iPads and tablets?

Skill Struck Voyage works on tablets as long as the tablet has a modern browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) that is up to date. To effectively learn to code and program, it is recommended that students use a device with access to a keyboard.

Can I use Skill Struck as the classes main curriculum?

Yes! Skill Struck can be used as the primary curriculum for a class. It contains K-12 lesson plans for 55 minute lessons with engaging activities.

What browser and operating system is recommended for Skill Struck Voyage?

While Skill Struck Voyage functions with all browsers, it is recommended that you use Google Chrome for Skill Struck Voyage. There is no recommended operating system as Skill Struck Voyage will work on both Mac OS and Windows.

Do you have any free resources for educators to try before purchasing licenses?

Yes! For a demo, please go to and click on the Schedule a Demo” button in the top right hand corner.