How to Celebrate Computer Science Education Week

Skill Struck's K-5 Calendar for CS Ed Week.

Calling all K-12 educators! Computer Science Education Week (CS Ed Week)–December 5-11, 2022–is right around the corner. What are you planning? 

CS Ed Week is a great time to get your K-12 classrooms involved in computer science. We’re inviting educators to use this week as a way to spark creativity and fun through coding, so that students and teachers everywhere crave CS throughout the rest of the school year. 

In this blog, we’re going to explore how Skill Struck is celebrating CS Ed Week this year with schools and districts throughout the nation. 

01  Calendar: Ready-to-Use Lesson Plans and Activities

We’ve put together a 5-day calendar that teachers can use throughout the week to make sure your classrooms engage in computer science every day of CS Ed Week. *We have calendars for K-5 and 6-12 classrooms. 

This is an example of our K-5 CS Ed Week Calendar.

For each day of CS Ed Week we have ready-to-use lesson plans and activities. We’ve included unplugged and computer-based activities that really help students learn the concepts of coding and computer science, while also allowing them to have some fun.  

Each lesson plan included in the calendar is fully comprehensive so there is no guesswork for teachers. By the end of the week, your classrooms will have learned computer science, computational thinking, and problem solving skills that will serve them during CS Ed Week and beyond!

Learn more about Skill Struck’s Computer Science Education Week Calendar here

02  Competitions and Prizes 

To help engage classrooms even more in CS Ed Week, Skill Struck will be running competitions throughout the week. On the calendars that Skill Struck has provided, teachers will find accompanying competitions for their classroom on the lesson plans.  

The prize for each lesson varies, but every day has two different ways to win. Computer science is worth celebrating so classrooms have many opportunities to win something–including a pizza party! 

These competitions are a great way to celebrate your student's progress and highlight their growing computer science skills throughout the week.

03 Free for Classroom Accounts 

At Skill Struck, always talk about how coding is for everyone. Which is why we created a Free for Classroom platform. This Free for Classroom platform includes ready-to-use lesson plans for teachers, and engaging activities and challenges for students. Anyone can use this platform, regardless of their previous coding experience. 

To accompany each of our lesson plans, teachers and students must use our Free for Classroom platform in order to have the most engaging and rewarding experience. 

Don’t sit on Computer Science Education Week this year. Use it as an opportunity to engage your students and teachers in computer science. 

Download your free Computer Science Education Week Calendar today at

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