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Celebrate CS Education Week with Skill Struck

We are glad you are here and are excited to provide teachers and students ready-to-use lesson plans and activities for Computer Science Education Week.

When you fill out the form above, you'll receive Skill Struck's CS Ed Week Calendar. The Calendar includes: 

+ 1-hour themed lesson plan and activities for each day of the week.
+ Competitions and prizes for classrooms who participate.
+ A Free for Classroom Skill Struck account for teachers and students who aren't Skill Struck partners.

*We have Calendars for K-5 and 6-12 classrooms. The 6-12 Calendar includes more advanced lessons and activities.

The Calendar

Unplugged and computer-based lessons and activities that progresses throughout the week

We've made sure our CS Ed Week lesson plans include a variety of unplugged and computer-based activities to keep the learning of these concepts fun and engaging for you and your students.

Each lesson included in the Calendar is fully comprehensive so there's no guesswork involved for the teacher. And each day builds upon the next, so by the end of the week, your class will have learned interconnected computer science skills, computational thinking, and problem-solving that will serve them during CS Ed Week and beyond!

Competitions and prizes for each day classrooms participate in Skill Struck's Calendar

We can’t wait to see what you and your class can do during CS Ed Week, so for each day's lesson, you'll find an accompanying contest on Twitter.

The prize for each lesson varies, but every day has two different ways to win. CS is worth celebrating so if your class posts an entry for each day of the Calendar, they'll be in the running to win a Skill Struck-sponsored Pizza Party!

You could also win an Ice Cream party by sharing your projects at the end of the week. This is a great way to celebrate your student's progress and highlight their growing computer science skills throughout the week.

A free platform to support your lessons and activities throughout the week

Coding is for everyone which is why we created a Free for Classroom platform. It’s full of helpful resources and lesson plans that meet educators where they are when it comes to teaching computer science, regardless of their previous experience levels.

The use of our Calendar during CS Ed Week is just an introduction to the variety of lessons and activities across grade levels that help make CS exciting for students to learn and fun for educators to teach.

As you go through the Calendar, if you have any questions or want to discuss any aspect of our platform, reach out. We're here to help!

Get Your Free CS Education Week  Calendar Today!

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