New: Prepare Students for Tech Careers with this AP Computer Science Principles Course

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If you’re an educator focused on career and technical education (CTE), you know that it’s your job to help prepare students for careers that are available to them after they graduate high school. The jobs that exist today are either in technology, or require that you have technology skills. 

It can be a challenge for CTE educators to stay up-to-date on what’s happening within the tech industry and write new curriculum based on the industry's changes and needs. That’s why Skill Struck has a team dedicated to writing curriculum that is relevant and up-to-date with today’s technology-focused workforce.

With that, we’re excited to announce our newest course release: our first ever AP Computer Science (CS) Principles Course. 

“The AP CS Principles Course is a rigorous, college-level course that introduces students to a variety of computer science topics and explores them at depth,” Aimee Alsop, the Director of Learning at Skill Struck, said. “Students can gain access to more opportunities as they go through this course since every career field benefits from people versed in computer science.” 

This new course not only prepares students for every career, but it also aligns to 100% of the AP College Board Computer Science Principles standards. Click here to get an overview of the course, and to see the standards the course aligns with. 

Implementing the AP Computer Science Principles Course into your classroom

This AP CS Principles Course is now currently available in Voyage, Skill Struck’s computer science platform for grades 6-12. Using Skill Struck’s recommended cadence, it takes 1 year for students to complete the course. We recommend schools implement this course starting in the 2022-2023 school year. 

A quick look into the AP Computer Science Principles Course found in Skill Struck's grade 6-12 platform Voyage.

“Skill Struck works to provide students with tangible skills that will directly help them in their future and the AP CS Principles Course is carefully designed to help them gain college credit.” Alsop said. “Students who take the Skill Struck AP CS Principles Course will be better prepared for a future in any career field they pursue.”

Talk to Skill Struck today to learn more about how to implement this AP Computer Science Principles Course into your classrooms. 

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