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AP Computer Science Principles

An in-depth course to understand a variety of computer science topics and programming principles at a college-level instruction.

10-12th Grade
AP Courses
AP Computer Science Principles is an introductory college-level computing course that introduces students to the breadth of the field of computer science. Students learn to design and evaluate solutions and apply computer science to solve problems through the development of algorithms and programs. They incorporate abstraction into programs and use data to discover new knowledge. Students also explain how computing innovations and computing systems—including the internet—work, explore their potential impacts, and contribute to a computing culture that is collaborative and ethical.
APCSP.1 Binary
APCSP.2 Representing Numbers with Binary
APCSP.3 Bits and Bytes
APCSP.4 Bigger Bytes
APCSP.5 Number Limitations, Overflow, Roundoff
APCSP.6 Representing Text with Binary
APCSP.7 Representing Images with Binary
APCSP.8 Representing Video with Binary
APCSP.9 Representing Sound with Binary
APCSP.10 Data Compression Overview
APCSP.11 Lossless Data Compression
APCSP.12 Lossless Image Compression
APCSP.13 Lossy Compression
APCSP.14 Computer Parts and Pieces
APCSP.15 From Electricity to a Bit
APCSP.16 Troubleshooting
APCSP.17 Programming Languages
APCSP.18 Debugging
APCSP.19 Introduction to Algorithms
APCSP.20 Visualizing Algorithms
APCSP.21 Algorithms and Computer Programming
APCSP.22 Events in Programming
APCSP.23 Variables in Programming
APCSP.24 Conditionals
APCSP.25 Loops in Programming
APCSP.26 Logical Thinking
APCSP.27 Introduction to Python
APCSP.28 Variables
APCSP.29 Input/Output
APCSP.30 Syntax & Comments
APCSP.31 Variable Types
APCSP.32 Numbers
APCSP.33 Converting
APCSP.34 Concatenation
APCSP.35 Python Math
APCSP.36 Modulus
APCSP.37 Strings
APCSP.38 String Methods
APCSP.39 String Methods Continued
APCSP.40 Checking Strings
APCSP.41 If Statements
APCSP.42 Conditionals
APCSP.43 Else If Statements
APCSP.44 Lists
APCSP.45 Accessing Items in a List
APCSP.46 Using Integers from a List
APCSP.47 Adding to Lists in Python
APCSP.49 Removing from Lists in Python
APCSP.50 Lists Continued
APCSP.51 For Loops
APCSP.52 While Loops
APCSP.53 Functions
APCSP.54 Function Parameters
APCSP.55 Multiple Parameters
APCSP.56 Random
APCSP.57 Building on Existing Algorithms
APCSP.58 Group Project
APCSP.59 Intro to the Internet
APCSP.60 Network Topologies
APCSP.61 Addressing
APCSP.62 Network Routes
APCSP.63 Packets and Protocols
APCSP.64 Network Parts and Pieces
APCSP.65 Bandwidth and Scalability
APCSP.67 Redundancy and Internet Stability
APCSP.68 Impacts of the Internet
APCSP.69 Search Engines
APCSP.70 Linear Search vs Binary Search
APCSP.71 Testing an Algorithm
APCSP.72 Highly Complex or Difficult Problems
APCSP.73 Sequential and Parallel Computing
APCSP.74 Data Structures
APCSP.75 MetaData
APCSP.76 Simulations
APCSP.77 AI, Machine Learning, & Automation
APCSP.78 Outside Libraries
APCSP.79 Passwords
APCSP.80 Types of Threat
APCSP.81 Posture
APCSP.82 Personal Data
APCSP.83 Copyright
APCSP.84 Computer Viruses
APCSP.85 Rogue Access Points
APCSP.86 Encryption
APCSP.87 Computer Innovations
APCSP.88 Legal and Ethical Concerns in Innovations
APCSP.89 Crowdsourcing
APCSP.90 The Digital Divide
APCSP.91 Accessibility
APCSP.92 Data
APCSP.93 Exam Review
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Having a mapped out, structured way to learn and experience the Computer Science curriculum really freed up time for me to give students one-on-one attention. It also gave me more opportunities to give the students additional programming assignments to help them understand the concepts better.

Scott Couch
CS Teacher, Maeser Prep Academy

The program and the people behind it are innovative, intelligent, and organized. The platform is very user-friendly and l have been able to guide my students easily through the curriculum.

Dillon Gilpin
High School CS Teacher,
Duchesne County School District

All of the content is fun and engaging for our students! Regarding the support and partnership, they are always on top of everything. Small issues are resolved quickly, and that is not typical with other EdTech companies.

Donna Woods
CTE Cyber Pathway Instructor,
Moreno Valley United School District