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AP Computer Science Principles

An in-depth course to understand a variety of computer science topics and programming principles at a college-level instruction. This Course is endorsed by the AP Board.

1 year Course
AP Curriculum
9th grade
10th grade
11th grade
12th grade
AP Computer Science Principles is an introductory college-level computing course that introduces students to the breadth of the field of computer science. Students learn to design and evaluate solutions and apply computer science to solve problems through the development of algorithms and programs. They incorporate abstraction into programs and use data to discover new knowledge. Students also explain how computing innovations and computing systems—including the internet—work, explore their potential impacts, and contribute to a computing culture that is collaborative and ethical. *This course is endorsed by the AP Board.
Unit 1: AP CSP.1 Welcome to the AP Class!
Unit 1: AP CSP.2 What is a Computer? History of Computers.
Unit 1: AP CSP.3 Computer Parts and Pieces/Hardware v Software
Unit 1: AP CSP.4 Accessibility & HTML Basics & Headers
Unit 1: AP CSP.5 Digital Accessibility & Text Colors
Unit 1: AP CSP.6 Exploring Accessibility
Unit 1: AP CSP.7 The Digital Divide & Fonts
Unit 1: AP CSP.8 Communication in a Digital World & HTML as a Language/HTML Structure
Unit 1: AP CSP.9 Computers and Your World & Background Color/HTML Title
Unit 1: AP CSP.10 Social Media Slideshow & Paragraphs/Breaks & Dividers
Unit 1: AP CSP.11 Social Media and Cyber Bullying
Unit 1: AP CSP.12 Design Tips & Ordered/Unordered Lists
Unit 1: AP CSP.13 App Design & Text Align
Unit 1: AP CSP.14 Advertisement Analysis & Links
Unit 1: AP CSP.15 Digital Citizenship, Copyright & Images
Unit 1: AP CSP.16 Digital Citizenship Poster & Buttons
Unit 1: AP CSP.17 Digital Footprint & Background Image
Unit 1: AP CSP.18 Extreme Makeover Website Edition & Videos
Unit 1: AP CSP.19 Image Links & Marquees
Unit 1: AP CSP.20 Team Project Kickoff
Unit 1: AP CSP.21 Feedback
Unit 1: AP CSP.22 Team Project Presentations
Unit 1: AP CSP.23 Digital Citizenship Research Project
Unit 1: AP CSP.24 Research Project Feedback & Work Time
Unit 1: AP CSP.25 Research Project Work Time
Unit 1: AP CSP.26 Research Project Presentations
Unit 2: AP CSP.1 Introduction to Algorithms
Unit 2: AP CSP.2 Flow Charts
Unit 2: AP CSP.3 Algorithms in Computer Programming & Events
Unit 2: AP CSP.4 Variables and Conditionals in Programming
Unit 2: AP CSP.5 Loops in Programming & Logical Thinking
Unit 3: AP CSP.1 Introduction to Python & Variables
Unit 3: APCSP.2 Programming Languages & Input/Output
Unit 3: AP CSP.3 Inputs/Outputs Craft & Syntax and Comments
Unit 3: AP CSP.4 Computer Innovations & Variable Types
Unit 3: AP CSP.5 Innovations Map & Numbers
Unit 3: AP CSP.6 Legal and Ethical Concerns in Innovations & Converting
Unit 3: AP CSP.7 Communication Styles & Python Concatenation
Unit 3: AP CSP.8 Problem Solving Tips and Python Math
Unit 3: AP CSP.9 Minefield Challenge
Unit 3: AP CSP.10 Problem Solver Skits
Unit 3: AP CSP.11 Break Down Big Projects & Python Modulus
Unit 3: AP CSP.12 Party Planner
Unit 3: AP CSP.13 Family Vacation Planning
Unit 3: AP CSP.14 Careers in Software Development & Python Strings
Unit 3: AP CSP.15 Further Career Exploration & String Methods
Unit 4: AP CSP.1 Computer Boundaries & String Methods Continued
Unit 4: AP CSP.2 Rogue Access Points & Checking Strings
Unit 4: AP CSP.3 Digital Safety & Concatenating Numbers
Unit 4: AP CSP.4 Celebrity Secret Service & Concatenating Numbers Continued
Unit 4: AP CSP.5 Cryptography & Python Project #3 Storymaker
Unit 4: AP CSP.6 Cipher & Team Roster
Unit 4: AP CSP.7 Phishing & Decipher Python Project
Unit 4: AP CSP.8 Types of Threat
Unit 4: AP CSP.9 Troubleshooting Techniques & Python Review
Unit 4: AP CSP.10 Troubleshooting Scenarios & If Statements
Unit 4: AP CSP.11 Troubleshooting with Grandma & Conditionals
Unit 4: AP CSP.12 Debugging Strategies
Unit 4: AP CSP.13 Personal Data & Else If Statements
Unit 4: AP CSP.14 Computer Viruses & Python Else If Challenges
Unit 4: AP CSP.15 Problem Solving Path
Unit 4: AP CSP.16 Cybersecurity Posture & Lists
Unit 4: AP CSP.17 Copyright & For Loops
Unit 4: AP CSP.18 Team Project Kickoff
Unit 4: AP CSP.19 Ice Fishing Team Building
Unit 4: AP CSP.20 Team Project Continued
Unit 4: AP CSP.21 Team Project Presentations & Topic Questions
Unit 5: AP CSP.1 Intro to the Internet
Unit 5: AP CSP.2 Network Topologies
Unit 5: AP CSP.3 Data Routes
Unit 5: AP CSP.4 Packets & Protocols
Unit 5: AP CSP.5 Network Parts & Pieces
Unit 5: AP CSP.6 Impacts of the Internet
Unit 5: AP CSP.7 Intro to Binary
Unit 5: AP CSP.8 Bits and Bytes
Unit 5: AP CSP.9 Representing Text with Binary
Unit 5: AP CSP.10 Binary Art Project
Unit 5: AP CSP.11 Representing Images with Binary
Unit 5: AP CSP.12 Representing Sound with Binary
Unit 5: AP CSP.13 Data Compression
Unit 6: AP CSP.1 Computer Science Advertisement & Animal Tracking Introduction and Variables
Unit 6: AP CSP.2 Exploring OceanTracks & Animal Tracking and Variable Types
Unit 6: AP CSP.3 Animal Research & Animal Tracking and Input/Output & Converting Data Types
Unit 6: AP CSP.4 Animal Research Continued & Animal Tracking and If Statements and Conditionals
Unit 6: AP CSP.5 Human Impacts & Animal Tracking Engineering Project
Unit 6: AP CSP.6 How Can We Help? & Animal Tracking Engineering Project Continued
Unit 6: AP CSP.7 Data Trends & Market Research
Unit 6: AP CSP.8 Scatter Plots & Correlation/Causation
Unit 6: AP CSP.9 Sleep Data Project
Unit 6: AP CSP.10 Sleep Data Project Continued & Crowdsourcing
Unit 6: AP CSP.11 Data Storage & Nicco's Pizza
Unit 6: AP CSP.12 Data Storage Continued & Leap Year Calculator
Unit 7: AP CSP.1 Testing an Algorithm for Efficiency & Accessing Items in a List
Unit 7: AP CSP.2 Highly Complex or Difficult Problems & Using Integers in a List
Unit 7: AP CSP.3 Complex Problems & Adding to Lists in Python
Unit 7: AP CSP.4 Magic Carpet & Logical Thinking
Unit 7: AP CSP.5 Sequential and Parallel Computing
Unit 7: AP CSP.6 Sequential/Parallel Computing Continued & Removing from Lists
Unit 7: AP CSP.7 Data Structures & Python Lists Continued
Unit 7: AP CSP.8 Arctic Excursion
Unit 7: AP CSP.9 Metadata & If Statement in a For Loop
Unit 7: AP CSP.10 Secret Shapes & Add the Factorial
Unit 7: AP CSP.11 Documenting Code & Python While Loops
Unit 7: AP CSP.12 Career Shifts and Outside Libraries & Python Functions
Unit 7: AP CSP.13 Artificial Intelligence & Python Function Parameters
Unit 7: AP CSP.14 Teachable Machine
Unit 7: AP CSP.15 Self Driving Car Pitch & Multiple Parameters
Unit 7: AP CSP.16 What's in a Backpack? & Python Random
Unit 7: AP CSP.17 History of Knowledge & Building on Existing Algorithms
Unit 7: AP CSP.18 Simulation
Unit 7: AP CSP.19 Simulations Continued
Unit 7: AP CSP.20 Forming Teams & Linear vs Binary Search
Unit 7: AP CSP.21 Team Project Time
Unit 7: AP CSP.22 Team Project Market Research
Unit 7: AP CSP.23 Team Project Time
Unit 7: AP CSP.24 Team Project Presentations
Unit 7: AP CSP.25 Resume & Job Skills
Unit 8: AP CSP.1 Python Review
Unit 8: AP CSP.2 Python Review
Unit 8: AP CSP.3 Python Review
Unit 8: AP CSP.4 Python Review
Unit 8: AP CSP.5 Computers and Your World Review
Unit 8: AP CSP.6 How Computers Represent Information Review
Unit 8: AP CSP.7 The Internet Review
Unit 8: AP CSP.8 Computer Science Concepts Review
Unit 8: AP CSP.9 Cyber Security Review
Unit 8: AP CSP.10 Reflections
Unit 8: AP CSP.11 Class Experience Review
Download the 2022 Skill Struck Standards Alignment + Correlation Guide to view a general list of our standard alignments, or find your state's specific alignment below:
General Standard Alignment
2022 Skill Struck Standards Alignment + Correlation Guide
Alabama Course of Study Digital Literacy and CS Standards + Skill Struck Alignment
Arizona Computer Science Standards + Skill Struck Alignment
Georgia Standards of Excellence for K-8 Computer Science + Skill Struck Alignment
Illinois Computer Science Standards + Skill Struck Alignment
Indiana K-12 Computer Science Standards + Skill Struck Alignment
Iowa Computer Science Standards + Skill Struck Alignment
Kansas CS Standards  P-12 + Skill Struck Alignment.
Maryland K-12 CS Standards + Skill Struck Alignment
Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Science Standards + Skill Struck Alignment
Mississippi College and Career Readiness standards for Computer Science + Skill Struck Alignment
Missouri K-12 Computer Science Performance Standards + Skill Struck Alignment
Nebraska 6-12 Technology standards + Skill Struck Alignment
Nevada Computer Science Standards + Skill Struck Alignment
Nevada Academic Content Standards for Integrated Technology + Skill Struck Alignment
Nevada Academic Content Standards for CS + Skill Struck Alignment
New Jersey
New Jersey Computer Science and Design Thinking Standards + Skill Struck Alignment
New York
New York Computer Science and Digital Fluency Learning Standards K-12 + Skill Struck Alignment
North Carolina
North Carolina K-12 CS Standards + Skill Struck Alignment
Oklahoma Academic Standards for Computer Science + Skill Struck Alignment
Rhode Island
Rhode Island's K-12 CS Education Standards + Skill Struck Alignment
South Carolina
South Carolina Computer Science and Digital Literacy Standards + Skill Struck Alignment
South Carolina's Computer Science Standards for High School + Skill Struck Alignment
Virginia K-12 CS Standards + Skill Struck Alignment
Washington K-12 CS State Learning Standards + Skill Struck Alignment
Wyoming Computer Science Content Standards + Skill Struck Alignment

AP Computer Science Principles

In this course, students will complete challenges that help solidify concepts as they use skills in a variety of ways. In order to complete tasks, students will creatively apply what they've learned by using different approaches to reach a goal. This experience closely follows challenges they would face in a technical interview, allowing them to practice.

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Having a mapped out, structured way to learn and experience the Computer Science curriculum really freed up time for me to give students one-on-one attention. It also gave me more opportunities to give the students additional programming assignments to help them understand the concepts better.

Scott Couch
CS Teacher, Maeser Prep Academy

The program and the people behind it are innovative, intelligent, and organized. The platform is very user-friendly and l have been able to guide my students easily through the curriculum.

Dillon Gilpin
High School CS Teacher,
Duchesne County School District

All of the content is fun and engaging for our students! Regarding the support and partnership, they are always on top of everything. Small issues are resolved quickly, and that is not typical with other EdTech companies.

Donna Woods
CTE Cyber Pathway Instructor,
Moreno Valley United School District