Updated August 31, 2021

Children's Privacy/COPPA/FERPA

What information is collected online from children under 13?

Children under 13 access Skill Struck using a student account. Typically these accounts are established by the student’s school or by Skill Struck using information provided by the school. The minimum information required to create a student account is:First Name, Last Name, Student ID Number, Student Email

Do you obtain parental consent prior to collecting information from the child?

No. Student accounts are created by teachers or school administrators, or by Skill Struck using information provided by the school. COPPA and other laws authorize schools to act in place of the parent or guardian in deciding whether to give consent to the collection and use of student information for educational purposes. By creating the student account on the Site, teachers provide consent and authorization for Skill Struck to store and process personal data about those children for the purpose of providing the Skill Struck program. Children under 13 cannot create their own accounts and parents do not have access to the administrative portion of our Site where student accounts are created.

When Skill Struck receives access student personal data and education records from school and district partners through their use of our products and services, Skill Struck is acting in the capacity of a “school official” under FERPA, and all representatives working with our partner schools are comply with the limitations and requirements required as an educational service provider under FERPA and applicable state student records privacy laws. Student personal data is used only for the purpose of fulfilling Skill Struck’s duties and provisioning its products and services under its services agreement with school and district partners, and is not otherwise used or disclosed except as provided for in the service agreement, as required by law, or as authorized or directed in writing by our school or district customer.

Can a child enter personal information into your Site?

No. Personal information about children can only be entered by school personnel or by Skill Struck personnel. Students using the Skill Struck platform may not enter or store additional personal information on the Skill Struck platform. The Skill Struck platform collects and stores data created by student use of the platform (i.e., progress data), which is linked to each student’s respective personal information.

Is a child’s personal information required for participation in the Skill Struck program?

Yes. Students need individual accounts to access the Skill Struck program and so that their progress in the software program can be monitored by the school or organization and its teachers.

Is children’s information shared with unrelated third parties?

No. Personal information obtained online from students is not released to any unrelated third party except as permitted by law or as expressly set forth in this policy (such as to certain Affiliated Businesses, as provided below), or at the direction of the school.

What are the choices of a parent or guardian?

Skill Struck collects information under the direction of its Partners (school or organization personnel or administrators of the Skill Struck product), and has no direct relationship with the students and children whose personal data it processes in working with schools or school districts. Service providers that we utilize to provision Skill Struck’s products and services, and who may access or receive personal information to provide those services or functionality, are under contractual obligations with respect to the personal information and are covered by the service agreements with Skill Struck’s Partners.

Parents and legal guardians can make choices regarding the personal information Skill Struck stores online for their children by contacting their child’s school or organization to review what personal information is being collected. Parents who experience difficulty or require additional information may contact Skill Struck directly for assistance, and may be directed to the organization first since the school/organization is the entity that contracted with Skill Struck for the services and authorized the information to be collected and stored. In addition, the child’s school or organization is best positioned to verify the parent’s identity and connection to the student, which would be necessary before Skill Struck could respond to this type of request.

Upon written request from the school or organization, or from a confirmed parent or legal guardian (as noted above), Skill Struck will provide an inventory of the personal information it holds on their behalf and take reasonable steps to allow such persons to review their information for the purposes of correction or removal, subject to the limitations (including disproportionate burdens) set forth in the US Department of Commerce's Privacy Shield Principles. Skill Struck will respond to all inquiries within 30 days of receipt. Parents can email for any additional information.

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