Welcome to Skill Struck Support

Skill Struck began as an online tutoring service to teach coding and digital literacy to teenagers. This year, we released Voyage, an extensive online learning platform providing valuable resources for K12 schools and teachers and an engaging, fun learning experience for students.


In 2019, Utah students completed less than 600 AP CS (computer science) exams. Just 22% of those students were Female, and less than 10% were latino or hispanic. Simply put, CS is underrepresented in U.S. schools, especially here in Utah. The CS stereotype persists among students; it anchors the tech industry and prevents growth and diversity.


In 2020, and into the future, Skill Struck will flip that status quo. Our team works tirelessly to ensure the Skill Struck platform provides an inclusive, adventurous learning and teaching experience for anyone. Breaking down barriers begins with the way we represent ourselves and our voyagers. Each is part of a diverse group of adventurous, colorful learners, aided by Skill Struck as they journey through the digital age.


Today, we are updating our brand to represent everyone using our platform and to embody the core idea that fuels Skill Struck every day:

Coding is for Everyone.

Privacy Policy

Skill Struck is fully compliant with FERPA and COPPA. To review Skill Struck’s school and student privacy policies, please see our Privacy Policy.