Our story

Meet Max. Max is a teenager in California whose interests include things like video games, Netflix, Youtube, and anything with a screen. Sound familiar? That is because on average, teens spend over 6.5 hours in front of screens each day. There is no question that technology gets a bad rap in the home.

Skill Struck was founded in June of 2017, and started with the founders holding summer camps to see how the students interacted with web development curriculum. After our team saw the high positive engagement with the project-based classes, we knew we had to create a way to deliver this curriculum to students like Max during the school year.

There are many great coding education products out there for adults and young kids, but none of them fit the needs of teenagers like Max. When they are one click away from Fortnite or The Office, the will power isn’t quite there to sit down and watch endless hours of coding instruction. That is why Skill Struck focuses on the 1-on-1 human interaction.

Our online instructors infuse creativity and fun into sessions with our students. This empowers our students to conceive their own, personal creations. At Skill Struck, we are passionate about igniting a love for learning through helping kids and teenagers harness the power of technology for digital skills and personal development. We are committed to an engaging, fun, and safe environment for students to reach their full potential.

Our team.