Professional Development

Giving teachers confidence in computer science

Skill Struck's curriculum experts offer primary (K-5) and secondary (6-12) professional development workshops so educators can confidently teach computer science.
Teachers learning about computer science in the classroom.

Skill Struck Professional Development Workshops

Get a quick look into the professional development workshops Skill Struck offers to schools and districts. Districts can customize these workshops for their computer science needs.

*These workshops can be virtual or in-person, upon request.

HTML Syntax

Primary (K-5) Professional Development 

Expand your HTML skills as you learn how to code a website using text-based code

Keeping Students Engaged

Primary (K-5) Professional Development 

Discuss best classroom practices to keep your students engaged with computer science

Building a Classroom Culture

Primary (K-5) Professional Development 

Learn how to create a classroom culture where there is no fear of making mistakes

Teaching Computer Science Common Concerns

Primary (K-5) Professional Development 

Explore Skill Struck’s tools and resources that address the common concerns teachers face when tasked with teaching computer science.

Welcome to PD + Skill Struck

Secondary (6-12) Professional Development

Explore goals and expectations of what you’d like to get out of these PD sessions.

HTML + CSS or Python Basics

Secondary (6-12) Professional Development

Learn the basics of HTML, CSS, or Python.

Students and teachers alike are discovering how fun computer science curriculum can be!

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Donna Woods

Moreno Valley USD, Inaugural Presidential Cybersecurity Educator

All of the content is fun and engaging for our students! Regarding the support and partnership, they are always on top of everything. Small issues are resolved quickly, and that is not typical with other EdTech companies.

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8th grade student

Moreno Valley USD

If a friend has never coded before, I would tell them that Skill Struck is a very easy and fun way to begin learning. I would also tell them that Skill Struck has challenges that are a fun way of testing our own ability to problem solve.

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Dillon Gilpin

High School Computer Science Teacher, Duchesne County School District

[Skill Struck's] program and the people behind it are innovative, intelligent, and organized. The platform is very user-friendly and l have been able to guide my students easily through the curriculum.