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For Grades K-10
Improve your students' type accuracy and productivity with Type Station's interactive and engaging typing platform and curriculum.
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Teach students how to use the keyboard proficiently.

Students learn keyboard basics, advance their type skills, and learn how to use the keys needed for coding. Some features include:

Beginning Typing

Students start with a simplified typing lessons to get them used to the keyboard. Students can:
Start their typing journey with helpful, guided instruction.
Advance as they complete their lessons, helping them improve their type accuracy along the way.
Type Station screenshot.
Type Station screenshot.

Engaging Activities

Students use an engaging platform to learn typing skills. Students can:
Track words per minute (WPM) as they type along in the platform.
Track accuracy score, and try to improve it as they continue through the activities.
Receive immediate feedback as they type along so they can learn as they go.

Advanced Typing

Introduce more advanced typing structures like paragraphs and coding keys. Students can:
Practice long form paragraphs, while tracking their words per minute (WPM), accuracy, and mistakes.
Learn how to use keys that are frequently used while coding.
Type Station screenshot.
Type Station screenshot.

Typing Curriculum

Students can follow along Type Station's lessons and activities to advance through the curriculum. Students will:
Receive immediate feedback on challenges and assignments.
Progress through the curriculum, using fun and engaging activities and challenges.
Go from beginner to advanced typing proficiency.
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Donna Woods

Moreno Valley USD, Inaugural Presidential Cybersecurity Educator

All of the content is fun and engaging for our students! Regarding the support and partnership, they are always on top of everything. Small issues are resolved quickly, and that is not typical with other EdTech companies.

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8th grade student

Moreno Valley USD

If a friend has never coded before, I would tell them that Skill Struck is a very easy and fun way to begin learning. I would also tell them that Skill Struck has challenges that are a fun way of testing our own ability to problem solve.

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Dillon Gilpin

High School Computer Science Teacher, Duchesne County School District

[Skill Struck's] program and the people behind it are innovative, intelligent, and organized. The platform is very user-friendly and l have been able to guide my students easily through the curriculum.