Skill Struck Curriculum

A Comprehensive K-12 Computer Science Pathway

Districts build a comprehensive K-12 computer science pathway starting with engaging block-based coding activities for their youngest learners and advancing to rigorous software development text-based courses for those CTE grade levels.

Screenshot of Skill Struck's Launch Pad platform.

K-5 Pathway Example

This K-5 computer science pathway chart shows that students can start their journey in CS as early as Kindergarten.

With this recommended pathway, your young learners start their CS education with block coding, and quickly progress to text-based coding that will help them prepare for more advanced coding concepts in grades 6-12.

Students can also enroll in a typing course that will train their fingers to use the keyboard efficiently for coding classes.

6-12 Pathway Example

This 6-12 computer science pathway charts show that students in middle and high school can advance in their CS education by learning real-work coding skills.

With this recommended pathway, your 6-12 students learn problem-solving skills that will help them in any industry, and build a digital portfolio that will help them continue their CS education, or prepare them to join the tech workforce, right out of high school if they choose to do so.