3 Steps to Integrating AI Safely in the Classroom

A group of Teenage students gather around 2 laptops all learning together.

The introduction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology has educators all over the world forced with a difficult decision: whether they should ban or allow AI in the classroom. Ever since ChatGPT and other AI Chat systems came out, districts have been in a curious position to balance the risks of this AI tool while also taking advantage of the new opportunities. 

The all-or-nothing mindset about the use of AI in education comes with sincere drawbacks and consequences. It feels like a lose-lose situation, with the use and productivity of AI comes an opportunity for cheating, misuse, and concerning privacy outcomes. Or the inverse with a ban on AI, students are not taught how to use the tool critically, productively, or ethically. 

With this in mind, Skill Struck recently launched Chat For Schools, a tool that helps educators regulate AI usage in the classroom. Students will learn through a secure, guided playground how to use ChatGPT as a tutor, a brainstorming partner, and a resource. Chat for Schools eases teachers' minds by maintaining their control over the use of AI in their classrooms.

With Chat for Schools, AI can be integrated into the Classroom thoughtfully and carefully by following these three steps.

01 Provide training for all teachers to be aware of the risks and opportunities of AI.

It’s imperative that teachers integrating AI into the classroom have a firm understanding of its strengths and its weaknesses. This will help teachers use it confidently and carefully. AI-trained teachers will educate their students to question and review the content provided, to keep their personal information private, to use AI as a brainstorming tool, and more. 

| Teachers can receive AI professional development to prepare them to use AI in the classroom. See more here

02 Ensure that the AI tools being used are safe and secure.

We do not recommend using ChatGPT on its own in the classroom. ChatGPT was not made with K-12 classrooms in mind. Chat for Schools is a safe and secure playground designed for students and teachers to use AI technology. Safe and secure features of Chat for Schools include:

  • A history log to catch cheating and bullying. 
  • Reading level adjustments make sure students can comprehend AI responses.
  • Off/on switch to control AI chat usage in and out of the classroom.
  • Notifications and restrictions that detect inappropriate words or phrases students input in the chat and notify the teacher.
  • Privacy features that protect your district's PII, student data, and more.

03 Decide where to teach AI skills and principles.

We can envision AI education fitting into many different classrooms. First, it fits nicely in K-12 computer science classes. Schools can also add AI education to an already existing and required course such as Digital Literacy or College & Career Readiness. Lastly, AI can be integrated with any core subject. 

AI technology is a powerful tool. This is why, for many, using AI in schools is a scary thought. But for K-12 students to unlock and learn what AI is capable of they need to begin their AI learning with training wheels on. Chat for Schools, powered by Skill Struck, provides those training wheels that protect and educate our students. With trained teachers and an AI tool designed with schools in mind, AI can be safely and confidently integrated into classrooms. 

It’s important to note that what makes AI a helpful and useful tool in the classroom are the humans that use it. Parker Gentry, CEO of Skill Struck, explained, “We can’t share any of this without recognizing all the things AI can not replace. It can not replace the human connection a teacher develops with a student over a school year, can’t replace empathy, the motivation a teacher relationship can have on a student, or replace an educator's creativity. I’m just so excited to see how individuals can be celebrated better and do more through this technology.”

Learn more about Chat for Schools secure, guided playground where students can safely learn ChatGPT in the classroom here

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