Skill Struck Curriculum

Guaranteed and
Viable Curriculum

K-12 teachers can use Skill Struck’s built-in curriculum, lesson plans, and an autograder to engage their students in computer science. No previous CS experience needed.

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Skill Struck helps districts engage K-12 students in computer science curriculum

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Guaranteed and Viable Computer Science Curriculum

Skill Struck offers a guaranteed and viable computer science curriculum for grades K-12. Using a team of curriculum experts who have spent extensive time in the classroom, Skill Struck has aligned all built-in curriculum to the CSTA standards.
*See our course catalog to see state-specific alignments. 

Skill Struck also offers cross-curriculum.  We have lessons that cover K-5 Math, Science, and ELA as well as secondary Math and Conservation. All of our cross-curriculum aligns with NCSS and Common Core standards. 

Skill Struck’s curriculum is constantly being updated to engage your younger learners in computer science, and prepare your middle and high schoolers for the tech workforce with industry-relevant skills.  

Ready-to-Use Lesson Plans, Alignments, and Materials

Teachers are supported in their computer science journey with Skill Struck’s ready-to-use lesson plans. 

Each lesson plan includes CSTA standard alignments, helpful materials, and a clear lesson outline. 

These lesson plans can also include unplugged activities so your students can understand real-world applications of the coding concepts they’re learning. 

Self-Paced Curriculum, Autograder, Checkpoints, and Assessments

Students can guide themselves through Skill Struck’s curriculum with help from the built-in autograder. 

All of Skill Struck’s platforms include a textbook of CS curriculum that can be customized to fulfill your district’s chosen computer science pathway. As each student progresses through the curriculum, they will reach checkpoints and assessments that are auto-graded.

Teachers will have insight into their student's progress, including how far along they are in the course and how many checkpoints were attempted so they can support each student where they are struggling the most. 

Engaging K-5 Computer Science Curriculum

Skill Struck’s K-5 platforms include built-in curriculum that encourages your youngest learners to start their computer science pathway with block-coding or text-based coding. 

These platforms include speech-to-text features, and helpful videos so students as young as Kindergarten can begin learning coding concepts. 

Students are challenged to complete specific tasks and receive immediate feedback on their progress as they go through the curriculum. 

With Skill Struck your students will learn text-based coding earlier in their education through engaging coding games, unplugged activities, and more. 

Rigorous and Industry-Relevant 6-12 Computer Science Curriculum

Skill Struck’s Voyage (6-12) platform includes a rigorous computer science curriculum that’s relevant to today’s careers. 

Skill Struck offers curriculum in web development and software development, including languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. 

Your district can customize a computer science pathway, or use our recommended pathways here.

Students build projects using Skill Struck’s curriculum that can be used to further their education in CS, apply for CS jobs right out of high school, or gain problem-solving skills that are relevant in any industry.