Student support


As you complete lessons and pass checkpoints, you gain points. These points are what determine your ranking on the leaderboard and can also be used to purchase customizations to your Skillmoji.

Manage Files

File management is important and we've made it easy to accomplish. Clicking on the current file above the code editor will display a drop down of all current files that you've created. By clicking on the three dots on the right of one of the file names, you can pull up a window that will allow you to rename or delete that file. In order to create a new file, you click on "New File" at the bottom of the dropdown list of files. Here you can set a file name and select a file type. It is important that you set the file type to whatever code will be put inside of that file (i.e. an HTML file would have the file type .html and a python file would have the file type .py).

Code Page Settings

To view your code page settings, click on the "Settings" button in the profile dropdown menu (profile picture in top right corner of page). There are a number of different settings that you can customize to make the code page comfortable for you.

Auto Close Tags

Selecting "Auto Close Tags" will allow the code editor to automatically add the closing tag when you create the opening tag.

Auto Close Brackets

"Auto Close Brackets" is similar to this in that the code editor will automatically close any brackets, parentheses quotation marks that you type (i.e. (, [, {, ", ').

Wrap Long Lines

"Wrap Long Lines" is another useful setting that will automatically wrap any long code that you have to make it more readable as a user. If this is unchecked, then your code will continue to the right of the window.

Auto Focus Editor After Selecting File

"Auto Focus Editor After Selecting File" will cause the window to automatically 'click' into the editor at the first line of code upon selecting a file in the files menu. It will also automatically close the files menu.

Select a Theme

"Select a Theme" allows you to customize your code editor theme to either be light or dark.


Your Skillmoji is essentially your customizable avatar. As you gain points through completing lessons and checkpoints, you can spend those points on customizing your Skillmoji. You can edit your Skillmoji by clicking on the pencil icon in the profile dropdown. Show off to your friends and make the best Skillmoji that you can think of!

Code Page not working?

  1. Try doing a hard refresh to the page. This is done by holding down the “Shift” key and clicking the refresh button in your browser.
  2. If that doesn’t work, Try clearing the cache and cookies of your browser. Instructions on how to do that can be found in Support > Getting Started > How to clear your cache and cookies.
  3. Please contact your teacher for any additional help. If they can't help you, they can reach out to Skill Struck support on your behalf. You can also check out the knowledge base by going here: